Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Joaquim Campos "Partir - Mas Voltarei"


  1. Ola Quim estou feliz de vzr que continua célebre ,beijinhos Anita

  2. A very good singer he touched my soul
    I can feel the pain in his heart
    A lot of emotions comes from the inside out
    I love him

  3. a very good singer he touched my soul
    i can feel the pain in his heart
    a lot of emotions comes from the inside out
    i love him

  4. I love the emotion and expression in fado songs
    It touche mij heart. I'd love to hear mr. Campos sing

  5. Ilove to hear mr Campos sing.
    His music touch mij heart because he
    sings with passion and emotion.

  6. Mr.Joaquim Campos sang in Lisbon,I saw him there. It was
    beautiful. The gitarists were also briljant. And then there
    was mr. Campos.The atmosphere in the room was magic and nice.I enjoyed that evening very much as all the people who were there
    that evening in july 2011.

  7. Is it possible to see mr.Campos perform in Europe?
    I would like to know where in Europe.Can you publish
    on internet please?

    His songs are wonderfull and he is a professional.

  8. Beautiful sound, nice music, nice restaurant.
    Being in Paris where you don't expect Fado.
    A friend told me about the restaurant Choupal.
    I enjoyed the food but mostly the music and the
    performance of mr. Joaquim Campos.

  9. I like to visit Lisbon this spring or summer.
    To see the city and all it's beauty. Hope to meet wonderful people and enjoy the atmosphere.
    And what I find see and here FADO.
    I try to find the places where mr. Campos will be performing in
    Lisbon. And the question is... will he perform this summer or sping in Lisbon? How will or do I know where he is going to sing? Will somebody please tell me where I can read about it?Obrigado. I am not a robot.